Cristina Bondolowski


Cristina  Bondolowski

The Vice President Global Brands™ is responsible for the stewardship of Coca-Cola in markets all over the world by providing strategic leadership, pushing innovation, and driving scale. She launched the current brand campaign, "Open Happiness”. This campaign was launched in the United States on the reality television series American Idol and rolled out to other national markets over the following weeks. It has been launched in 206 markets since then and is highly success full and trendsetting.

About her session:
Reinventing ways to approach consumers
Today's interconnected world is offering us a new dimension of how to build brands. The only way for a brand like Coca-Cola to keep its iconicity is to constantly reinvent the way we approach our consumers. Technology is enabling us to explore new ways to get closer to them and be truly meaningful. I will share our framework of how we stay Always In and Always On and give examples of the learnings.